If you couldn’t tell, I love to read. I have a slight prejudice toward romances that center around rock n’ roll because it is one of my favorites. BTW, I love jamming out to some classic rock n’ roll and attending a great concert or two. I enjoy young adult and mysteries, provided they have some romance in the stories. These tend to hold my attention since I am a hopeless romantic.

Reading has always been a past time for me since I’m located in Central Illinois and surrounded by corn fields and soybeans. I’m a smidge over 40, been married for what seems like forever and have a teen aged son, two dogs and a cat.  My husband tells me I read entirely too much and don’t pay attention to him when my nose is in a good book. I enjoy writing reviews that helps other readers enjoy a book as much as I did. Escaping into a good book is something I do often and my book boyfriends change weekly!


Just a girl that loves to read. My passion for reading came from attending a summer session in reading at the University of Illinois when I was about 8 and has continued to grow from there. I enjoy readying Rom-Com, Rocker, Suspense, Sports, Mafia and Military related romances but I will read about anything once.

I also live in Central Illinois, married and in my 40’s with a wonderful husband and two large cats. My husband also has a passion for reading and writing so we tend to lose track of time in our books. But we like to read different things so the discussions we have about books can get really involved and down right funny at times.