Sheridan Anne March 2018

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Sheridan. What a wonderful woman and writer!!! She is the author of the Kings of Denver series as well as The Guard Trilogy. Upcoming series’s are Warriors of Light and Denver Kings. The last book in the Kings of Denver series, Tank, is due to be released April 2018.

What influenced you to be become a writer?
Nothing in particular, I was a heavy reader and was struggling to find a story that ticked all my boxes so I pulled my laptop out and started writing.

Is your background in writing (English major maybe?)
No, I was one of those student in high school who refused to read and hated English class, yet somehow, here I am.

Are your characters/stories inspired by events/people in your life?
Sort of. My Kings of Denver series is inspired by my life growing up. I am a figure skater myself and loved hockey so the pieces of the puzzle just fell into my lap. How could I not write a romance series about a bunch of sexy hockey players?

Who’s your favorite character that you’ve written?
So far, I have to say Bianca Moore from ‘The Guard Trilogy’ because she is so strong and witty. I absolutely love her but Miller Cain comes in a close second.

How long did it take you to get your first book published? Also, is it self-published or submitted to a publisher?
From start to finish, it took me nearly three years. I was very nervous about publishing and worried what people would think of my work, I was also a new mum and that took up a lot of time. I would question myself and go back and change everything around. It was such a relief the day I finally decided it was done.

Now, I find myself writing a complete novel, editing and self-publishing within a month’s time. It’s amazing what a little motivation and confidence can do!

Lightning Round of Questions

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what’s your inspiration?
Sometimes, I like to create playlist for my novels as it helps with motivation.

Boxers or Briefs – Definitely briefs

Sexy Toys or No Toys – No toys… I know. I’m boring!

Sweet or Salty – Sweet

Paperbacks or Kindle – Both. I love a good paperback but the kindle is so much quicker and easier!

Flats or Heels – Heels all the way

Length or Girth – Both?

Facebook or Instagram – Facebook

Wine or Beer – Wine

Man’s hair- Long or Short  — Short

Night Out or Pizza in bed  – Night out and finishing with pizza in bed

Beach or Pool – Pool. Nothing worse than getting sand in your bikini bottoms.

When you Drive- Windows open or AC  – Windows open with music blaring

Early bird or Night owl  – Definitely an early bird. I’m usually in bed by 8.30-9

You can find Sheridan on FB or the Amazon Author Pages!