Forbidden Dance

This is an amazing story that sucks you in! I have never read anything from Deanna Roy but let me tell you I was hooked! I had to get the next book in the series. You become involved with the characters Livia and Benjamin and their lives. They both are examples of what happens when bad choices and mistakes in life are made. Nineteen year old Livia lives with her parents, and under her father’s cruel and heartless rule. She escapes by taking ballet at Dreamcatcher Academy. She also instructs a class for wheelchair bound ballerinas. When a stranger arrives at the academy, Livia is intrigued. Turns out Benjamin “Blitz” Craven is a famous dancer. Blitz arrives at the academy to counter the bad publicity he received from a “Tweet” that went viral. Blitz got fired from his dance reality show because of the damage. When Blitz and Livia meet, there is some serious chemistry there. Livia is not like other Hollywood women he has encountered. As they get to know each other better, each feel like there is the possibility of something special. Can they live thru what is real and what is for show?! Like I said Forbidden Dance sucks you in. The characters are so real and you can feel the passion between them.