Mr. Medic by Piper Sullivan is such a fun read.Charming, witty hot male EMT with a very gun shy single mother trying to keep her life together and moving forward.

We have hot EMT Ry and Mayor’s Assistant Penny, who find each other attractive but Penny’s ex did a number on her and Ry has lived in the small town all his life and his known as a ladies man (unfortunately). Add in Penny’s son, Mikey, and you have one cute romance.

Ry does all he can to help Penny out and that includes helping Mikey out. Ry and Mikey start a wonderful relationshipment and friendship that transcends age. Penny ends up spending time with Ry due to Mikey’s constant need to continue to learn and protect (won’t spoil the fun there). Ry promises to work hard for a date with Penny on his own and Penny tries to push him away. Once Ry’s Mom steps in to help after another incident with Mikey, she finds out more about Penny’s background.

While working on a fund raising project for the Mayor’s office, Ry and Penny become closer and she gives in. The date goes great and then while Ry doesn’t mean to, he kinda ghosts her. After someone points out to him, what he’s done, he goes about fixing it … which works for a bit.

Unfortunately, as things happen, he sees something and takes it the wrong way and acts like a total umm a$$. Once he finds out what he’s done wrong, he works really hard to get her back. And she does make him work for it…. and we end with a HEA.

I really love Mikey, he adds so much to the story and characters. Thank you for him 🙂