******** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****

This is such a great follow up to “Stacking the Deck” and this one is about Amber and Markus. Two people who have an instant attraction, act on it briefly and then 10 years go by before they get the chance they both should have taken years ago.

It all begins in Amber’s family’s music store, when Markus start working there and also playing drums in her brother’s band. They both crush on each other but Markus is engaged and Amber tries her best to stay away … but one night everything comes to a head (no pun intended) and one night of passion is all they have before Amber’s life goes in one direction and his goes in another.

As fate would have it, 10 years later they are both at the same place at the same time, but the tables are turned an Ambers the one in the relationship and Markus is single. The feelings are still there on both sides but Amber tries to fight them.

Things get interesting when they both flirt with each other but weird issues keep coming up until everything comes out in the open – thanks to her brother. He sets the story straight on a couple of issues (both are a bit painful for Amber) but she pull’s through and they end up together.

Things are good and bad with them. The chemistry is still there and strong but different things from the past come back to haunt them and Markus pulls away. A short time passes, Markus get some sage advice and goes back to Amber. The issue pulling them apart isn’t worth losing her again, and he comes to his senses and gets her back.

We end this book on a HEA that I hope gets continued in the next book in the series. It was also great to see Amber’s side of the issue that was in “Stacking the Deck”. Here’s to hoping that we get Amber’s brother in the next book – plz, plz, plz???

Another awesome read from C.L. with a great story line and characters. I look forward to what she has in store for us next on her journey.