******** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****

What a fun and quick read. Once I was used to the format (had to remember some chapters were journal type notes) it was a blast.

I love how Victoria/Tori gets to have one night of fun with no one knowing … but there is price to pay for her fun.  Adrien is the total hottie for the night but he pays a price as well for the fun they have.

They go their separate ways and treat it like the one night stand they said it would be. But forward ahead some time and they are both still thinking about each other. Victoria goes ahead with her plan, why she is going to the US and Adrien makes a change and heads to the US as well to hang out and regroup after all the issues he’s had going one lately.

While working on Victoria’s plan (don’t want to spoil it), we learn that Adrien is one of the people she is to be meeting with. Once Adrien figures this out, he’s pissed but still so glad to learn who she really is. Once the anger issues is resolved/dealt with, they start a great relationship.

Ups and downs happen,  a$$hole’s surface, there’s an accident with Victoria … all things work out for the two of them but it also brings to light some ugly things going on in the different kingdom’s that need to be address and resolved.

While some of the problems do get resolved, others are handled in an odd fashion but shouldn’t cause further problems.

Victoria and Adrien get their HEA and we meet some really interesting people that look to be getting their own stores going forward (can’t wait for them).

Again, a great book, a quick read with lots of twists and turns but so steamy in parts it was hard to put it down.

Thanks for another great book Kim!