********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******

Kim is killing it with the story and characters in the Rewined series/books, but I must say again that I’m not a huge fan of cliffhanger books.

I loved how Tyler makes every effort to make his marriage to Paris as real as possible. I’m enjoying reading how Tyler is trying to make her happy, keep both companies running as well un-cover all the ugly that is in their past. While Paris is trying to see things as they are but wish for it all to be real, she is still looking for the “other shoe to fall”..

Well, not spoil anything for everyone reading, lets just say that what Tyler finds out about his past is enough to cause anyone to want to drink until things just go away. I don’t know how our lovely author came up with some of the twists and turns that poor Tyler uncovers. While all this is going on, Paris is coming to terms with information she finds out about her father and her late sister.  Let’s just say, you won’t want to put the book down while reading all the ugly history between everyone.

But, as history plays out … so does how Tyler deals with problems. He reverts back to his youthful ways and let’s just say makes a mess of things further with Paris to the point we have her running from him at the end of this book.

While I”m ‘sticking with the series as the final book is coming soon, I would still prefer to have this in one large book. I find it hard to keep up with other reading and then get back into it.

So happy reading my friend and the last volume is coming soon