This is a wonderfully written book about Camden, a very set in his way owner of a gym and Keegan, a very sweet, caring gal that has self image issues and has been taken advantage of by people who shouldn’t take advantage of family. Their initial meeting is one for the memory books.

As someone that has struggled with weight/image issues personally, I really could identify with with Keegan. She gives so much of herself but when others make rude or off handed comments, they really hit her in the heart. As well as giving so much to people who don’t appreciate her and what she brings to the table.

While Camden, is a rugged, HOT guy who not only owns the gym but works out, he is a little crass and doesn’t always use a filter. While he does have a heart of gold, it takes him some time and struggles to finally let it shine.

The book is a roller coaster ride from start to finish with one really mean scene for Keegan, she does some out the other side a much better and happier person who not only gets the right guy in the end, her education but sets her relationships with family in a positive away.