Another book in the Core Four series by Stacy Borel, Slider is a wonderful read.

We have Turner, older brother to Camden, Dodger and Wrigley. Turner who went for a medial degree instead of going into pro baseball, is a real ladies man with the attitude. While still just as lovable as Camden, he does come with his own baggage. Turner is HOT but also self absorbed. Until he meets Keegan’s friend Annabelle.

Annabelle has her own baggage as well, is a very guarded gal who comes across as a little chilly until you get to know her. Problem is, she tends to not let people in due to a very tragic past. While she is a very caring person and has gone into the health care field like Keegan, she doesn’t give her time or love away easily.

There are sparks between Turner and Annabelle, but given her past and his way with women, it takes some time for the trust to evolve and turn in to more. Again, there is another tragic setback for Annabelle but this time Turner and his wonderful family are there to help her through it and she starts to remember what a family is like and what she really wants and what is important to her.

Again, a wonderful read that I couldn’t put down!