“Brandon Fahr, international playboy and world-renowned artist, sets his sights on a new conquest. A conquest so bold that he’s decided to chronicle it in a diary. Further, he’s given himself a deadline — thirty days to capture the heart of Rachel St. Claire.”

“Rachel St. Claire, a Rock Goddess, has been at the top of the charts for years and has finally let go of her tumultuous relationship with her controlling manager/boyfriend. Now that he’s gone, it’s the perfect time for Brandon to strike.”

I have to say this one was different for me. I tend to usually read about male rockers. But with Icarus Rising, Robb Manary has switched it up and Rachel St. Claire is Rock’s Sweetheart. Brandon, a world-renowned artist with some very interesting pieces of art, decides he is going to pursue the Rock Goddess Rachel St. Claire. He begins his journey by journaling his plan to make her his conquest. Brandon has his assistant Wayne get all the details of what Rachel likes.  He sends her white orchids signed “Icarus”. Immediately we begin to see their attraction heat up between one another. They get together and you feel the heat between the two. Rachel has a foul mouth and Brandon teases her constantly about it. Both become an item and their fame rises steadily. You feel the emotions of how Rachel was taken advantage of by her former manager Wolf. And we understand why Brandon has trouble relating to “Family” because of mother and what happened to his sister Lisee (Elise). Letting love in is a hard task. But eventually they both figure it out. There is also heartache which both Brandon and Rachel experience. Overall this is a good read. I could relate to the characters and could feel what was happening to them. This book is in Brandon’s point of view and what he wrote in his journal.