We continue with the group of friends in the city with Nicole. She’s such an interesting character!

While Nicole’s biological clock is ticking and there are no men in sight, she sets out on her own to become a mother. Enter co-worker Ryder (totally HOT dude with all the right stuff). While they both are on air personalities and writers, it’s very interesting to see the different perspective they both have in relationship to sex, relationships, and the other sex in general; while bringing their own baggage to the table.

I can see why Nicole would easily pick Ryder as the man she needs for the job but also see why Ryder would make the same choice given their back grounds. What neither of them are ready for is that love sometimes doesn’t play by the rules we set for ourselves and does find it’s way in. I love how this was written and that they both came to the same place, with the same insecurities about each other. They are wonderfully written characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with.

I also love that this book ties back to some of the gals from the others books by Lauren and leads us to new books with more great characters. Can’t wait for the next ones – Come As You Are (such a naughty title) and Stud Finder!!!