While I don’t normally read M/M romance, I felt that it was extremely important to read the story of Ryan and Jamie who are characters in “Stay”.

Ryan and Jamie meet and become friends while young boys at hockey camp and continue this friendship through high school but have a falling out of sorts given a sexual encounters during that summer.

“Him” starts  during their final year in college and fills in the early years. While Ryan has figured out his sexuality, Jamie hasn’t and all he wants to do is reconnect with his best friend. As it turns out, things aren’t always what they seem and people learn and grown as they continue to age. Jamie figures out during this summer of coaching hockey at the summer camp that he isn’t as “straight” as he thought he was.

Ryan and Jamie start a relationship and it continues to grow into a full love story. While Ryan has known he’s loved Jamie for years, Jamie finally comes to terms with who he is sexually and falls in love with Ryan.

It’s a wonderfully written book about young love and the issues that surround figuring out who your are sexually and learning that it is ok and good to be who you are and be with you’re meant to be with.