Us continues the love story that is Ryan and Jamie. It handles issues as dealing with coming out in a major professional sport (Hockey) and the issues that surround just being in a M/M relationship. While I don’t normally read M/M, I felt it extremely important to continue to read their story as it is so important to others books in the WAGS series (which is awesome).

Understandably, Ryan doesn’t want to everyone to know his sexuality while getting started with a major NHL team and career and Jamie agrees. While the relationship deals with these issues in an great way, it also covers the issues of just being in a new relationship that doesn’t meet society “norms”. While they do a wonderful job tackling most things, it isn’t until Jamie becomes extremely ill that things take a major turn and issues start to seem bigger than they are. We also meet Blake Riley (Ryan’s teammate and their new neighbor) starts to fill in the pieces and is there to help while Jamie is ill.

Jamie starts to let everything get to him and heads back home to Cali and to family for some space. In the end, family helps him figure things out and he returns to Ryan in a grand way.

Absolutely loved this book and the characters are so cool and well written.