Clarissa – 4th generation Archeologist with big goals and dreams

Nathan – The HOT cowboy who is lusting after Clarissa and running a dairy farm

This is a fast read with some HOT scenes (getting locked in a cave) and about how people can have misconceptions about others and professions.

While Nathan is very attracted to Clarissa, she acts like she can’t give him the time of day, so Nathan goes on several of the tours of the local cave tours to try to gain her attention. Enter a very good friend of Nathan’s mother who helps things along by helping the lock on the cave break. Nathan and Clarissa do learn that they are compatible and want each other in every way but given Nathan’s large “package” Clarissa is finding it very hard (hehe) to take it all in.

After talking more and spending time together, they both fall for each other but have to get over the misconceptions, professions and distance to make this work.

Again, a fast read, extremely funny with the right about of “feels” to make you fall in love with both Nathan and Clarissa.