Bryan Leech – Bad Boy Rugby Player (teammates of Sean Cassidy and Ronan Fitzpatrick), former alcoholic, has family issues

Elish Cassidy – (cousin of Sean Cassidy), beautiful redhead, mother of Patrick, has family issues

Ronan and Annie’s wedding turns into a hot bed of activity for the teammates of Ronan. First the Lucy/Sean affair comes to lite and a very drunk Bryan aims his sights on Elish. Elish is over the moon about Bryan’s attention and they have one night of hot sex but come morning, Bryan his hungover and doesn’t remember which causes Elish to freak out about her one night stand. Fast forward three months and Elish has a little gift from that night. Bryan being the bad boy that he is, is off with his next conquest.

Elish heads back to the US against requests from Sean (even though her family basically kicked her to the curb) where she finished up school, has Patrick and works way to much but do to a health issue, takes Sean help and returns to Ireland. During this time period, Bryan has come to terms with his alcohol issues and has gotten help and is now clean and sober.

During a beginning of the year party for the Rugby team, Bryan see’s Elish and doesn’t remember her but does want to get to know her. Elish tries to hide to no end but they still end up talking. Elish continues to freak out and Bryan is just wondering why she keeps running from him until she can’t run anymore more. She now works for the team as a therapist and will be seeing him almost daily.

There are some really funny scenes (the saving Elish from the bug scene is awesome!!!) and there are some really heartfelt scenes. After getting to close, Elish pushes Bryan off and everyone starts to notice so Elish takes the matter to hand. While doing this and with Sean’s little push, she finally comes clean to Bryan about him having a son. While Bryan is over the moon about it, it does stress him out and push button’s to where he thinks he might drink again. His sponsor is great and help him through it (glad that this book deals with the issue in a very real/emotional way). Elish has a pushy friend who proves to be out for her own good (which is too bad).

Bryan works to get on Elish’s good side (with Sean’s blessings) and spends more time with Patrick. He falls hard and fast for both of them but Elish doesn’t want the love part for her and Bryan. She just doesn’t trust Bryan to stay the course with her and her insecurities about the forgotten night threaten to wreck what could be a great relationship.

Enter the family issues – Elish’s mother is a high society pain the butt who sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Bryan’s father pulls some major legal strings. All hell breaks lose and we end up with a custody case that no one wants. Sean being the loving but pain in the butt cousin/teammate helps matter along after the failed session and Bryan get’s Elish to confess her feelings to him; which causes him to be overjoyed.

When the time comes to finally tell Patrick that Bryan is his dad, it’s wonderful. All the emotion that is written in on Bryan’ part is so good and honest, it just makes you smile and continue to hope that things in books might comes true. Patrick is a great kid, has one concern (that is just honest and cute) and then rolls with it.

Another great book from Penny Reid and L.H.Cosway and  hoping that there are more in this series!!!