Sean Cassidy – Sexy Rugby Player, Rich Spoiled Bad Boy, Bad Temper, wonderful Bubble Butt and umm really bad in the sack

Lucy Fitzpatrick – Little sister to Ronan Fitzpatrick (Sean’s teammate), Works for Annie in NY (Ronan’s fiance’), Loves her multi-colored hair, has major issues with her mother/stress and has a slight klepto problem

Lucy and Sean initially meet at a Rugby party for the Irish team. Lucy tries to find the best in everyone and thinks that the rumors about Sean might be wrong, but he proves that aren’t. She suggests that he go to a retreat and recharge… but it’s only a half hearted  suggestion. A few days later, Lucy and Sean run into each other again and Sean witnesses Lucy’s little klepto problem and blackmails her into dinner. At first, Lucy is ok with how things are moving along and then Sean shows his color’s again and she tosses some water in his face and leaves.

Lucy leaves Ireland and returns to the states and to her retreat for the relaxation she is so looking for. Meanwhile, Sean is doing the party scene in Spain and it’s just not cutting it. So he books a flight back to Ireland and then gets bumped from his seat by none other than Ronan. So he makes a split second decision and heads to the same retreat that Lucy is at. Boy oh boy do the sparks fly and Lucy’s temper. While Lucy is extremely attracted to Sean, and Sean is attracted to Lucy, they both know that the issues between Sean and Ronan are an issues. But after lots of back and forth between the two, they end up together for Lucy to find out about Sean’s problems in the sack. So Sean proposes she teach him how to be better. At first, Lucy is shocked but then comes around to the idea.

As Sean starts to lean the difference between what he’s been doing and what he can/should be doing, he starts to fall more and more for Lucy and Lucy falls harder for him. Once of the best scenes in the book is while Sean is still in NY with Lucy and helping her where she volunteer’s (I won’t say where as it’s part of what makes this such a great story and why this is so funny) but a being by the name of Hampton falls for Sean and well Sean doesn’t know how to shake him (literally) and I laughed way to much as this section but found that it was a big piece of putting Lucy and Sean together.

Sean needs to head back to Ireland and while Lucy states that they can’t be due to issues between Sean and Ronan (she feels un-loyal to Ronan by having feelings for Sean, thinks it should be blood before love), Sean reluctantly heads back. After a couple of weeks Sean reaches out to Lucy via text and this starts a friendship that grow and grow.

Lucy heads back to Ireland for Ronan and Annie’s wedding, which is a great reason to party! Lucy’s stress starts to pick up due to her meddling mother and the night before the wedding she falls of the wagon big time and Sean comes to the rescue. While Lucy is freaking out, Ronan and Sean have a little convo and Sean admits he loves Lucy but that she rejected him (little do we know at the time, he just missed some information that would have fixed that but… sigh). Ronan then has a little heart to heart with Lucy about Sean, the klepto problem and how he can help her.

At the reception, they finally come together and both get on the same page and things move forward. Lucy starts to get the help she needs to deal with mommy dearest and the klepto issues and Sean is supportive and they make the long distance relationship work.

Yet another wonderful read by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway!!!