I liked this book. It held my interest and you could feel the emotions of sadness, loss, anger, desire, depression, and yearning throughout the book. This is my first read from Jo Raven and when I finished, I wanted to get the extended version to find out what happened with Matt and Octavia.

Matt lost his wife three years ago and has been stuck in bereavement longer than he should. He is so wrapped up inside his head that he forgets he has children to deal with. His kids hate him, he is not sure how to deal with them, and they are out of control. He needs a nanny. Octavia just graduated and needs a job before she goes off to college and to help her mother out. Tati as she is called is mature for her age and helped her mother raise her sister and brother. Tati doesn’t know who her father is and her family is low income with her mother struggling to support her kids. She is bullied throughout high school from a kid named Ross who was brought up in a wealthier family. Ross just happens to be the son of Jasper, who owns the garage that Matt works at.

Matt is good looking and women seem to giggle like school girls around him. Although I would say he has the personality of a donkey’s butt. He often answers with one word sentences. He is extremely rude but Octavia stands up to him. She eventually wears him down. You can feel Tati breaking down his barriers little by little. They fight their attraction to each other because of an age difference.

There is a twist in this book, I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say sometimes your past catches up to you. Overall a good read.


— Jay