We have a HOT hockey player, Justin, who has been life long friends with sisters Libby and Laura. Libby is a kindergarten teacher who’s shy and Laura is PR for the hockey team that Justin plays on.

This is an interesting friends to lovers story about Justin and Libby. Justin and Libby share a passion for crocheting and I really enjoy Justin’s creations – they are totally awesome! Libby brings a request to Justin and at first Justin is totally against it and doesn’t understand Libby’s need for some sex education but then changes his mind and agree’s to help.

While Libby approaches this like a teach assignment, Justin makes it into a hands on learning experience.Things go from confusionĀ for Libby, to hot as sin and then to love. While Justin just starts to look at Libby in a new like and then understands that sometimes you don’t know what you have when it’s right in front of you. You get to ride through the mis-communication and then the fun between the two of them figuring this out.

Very enjoyable book with great secondary characters (who we see in other books to come).