This is the story of Brendan and Laura, who we first met in “Hot As Puck”. Brendan is the captain of the hockey team and Laura is responsible for the PR of the team. We also have Brendan’s daughter Chloe front and center in this story.

Brendan and Laura have a steamy weekend of sexy and causal getting to know you but due to a mis-conception on Brendan’s part he loves and leaves Laura quickly. Laura is heartbroken as she feel’s she could really fall for Brendan. Forward a few months later and Brendan finds out his mis-conception was just that and isn’t what he thought. Laura keeps up the “friends” front and continues to help with Chloe as much as possible.

Brendan’s former in-laws are starting to pressure him to get back into the dating pool against after the death of his wife/their daughter, so he beg’s Laura for a huge favor to be his “fake” girlfriend so they will get off his back. Only problem is, Laura wants the real thing. She goes along with it as she love Chloe and doesn’t want anything to come between father and daughter.

The weekend with the in-laws starts off with a bang when the dog run’s off with the “protection” and Laura is horrified. Everyone laughs at it and time moves on. We meet Diana, Brendan’s sister during this time and she adds some comic relief to the mix. Laura confides in her about her feelings and Diana decides to help move matters along with Brendan. During this lovely weekend, they also take a ski trip that ends up with Laura doing something and hurting herself (one way trip to the ER for it – hehe). She turns out to be hurt but ok and Brendan takes her away after this where they have a major “feeling” discussion and decide to make the boyfriend/girlfriend thing work.

As with a hockey season, you have long stretches of away time and Laura takes on watching Chloe for a week by herself and thinks she’s a total failure (which she’s not) and Brendan jumps the gun on a timed gift only to cause a minor bump in the road. While a lot of soul searching is on for the next couple of weeks, they both come to the conclusion that they can’t live without each other in their lives and things move from there. There’s a “vision quest” (which is cool if you know what it means) and they come out on the other side stronger as a couple.


Wonderful read, funny and the guys from the team are great!!!