Another wonderful book in the Motherpuckers series. Funny, sexy with a great HEA!

Tanner is a rookie with the hockey team and Diana is Brendan’s sister (team captain). They way the meet is awesome and so cute.The nickname for each are totally cute – Beach Pixie and Muscle Boy – hehe.

Tanner doesn’t think he’ll ever see Beach Pixie again until Brendan bring his sister Diana to Tanners. Turns out Tanner needs a roomie to help with his pet care (a mini pig) and Diana’s apt fell through at the last minute. Again sparks fly when they are round each other but Wanda (the piggy) doesn’t like the competition and causes issues. It’s funny how the piggy is in the story but it’s still a pet with issues.

Things begin with friends with benefits but Tanner doesn’t work that way. He’s an all in kind of guy and Diana has some high expectations on what a relationship should be. Add in the “don’t date family” within the hockey team but Tanner doesn’t care and wants to be all in. Diana freaks out, breaks up via email and runs.After ;working hard to get her back, things fall in place when Diana’s friends/family help her see that what she thought was they way it should be isn’t always what should be.

We meet a douche’ ex, wonderful friends and an the continue people from the other books in the series. Wonderful read and can’t wait for “Puck Me Baby” coming fall 2017