Wonderfully written book! Damaged, smart, sexy guy falls for shy, reserved and damaged gal. Laughed, cried and enjoyed the HEA.

We are introduced to the guys of Lovibond Brewery in this book. Tap (Brou) is the business side of the business and Stout (Ollie) & Porter and are the brew masters. Given Ollie’s history, his is very protective of his sister, Lawry and we find out Tap has an interesting past with regard to love/lost/business. Ollie get’s into some trouble and asks Tap to take on for the team while Ollie does what he has to do to fix the trouble he’s gotten into. Lawry (Wren) doesn’t like how Ollie’s acting and heads up to see him.

Tap and Wren meet at a brew festival and the sparks fly but Ollie has said she’s off limits. Well Tap doesn’t follow the instructions and pursue’s Wren anyway. Enter all kinds of odd situations that are both funny, sad and heart warming. Love the Cajun influence in the book.

Tap and Wren start a hidden romance that has some bumps along the way. They come clean to all and things are going great but when the discussion about the future proves to be too much to compromise on, Wren calls it quits.

Six months later, they are both still miserable. Things happen and bless Ollie’s heart he works some magic and Tap and Wren are brought back together and Tap makes the effort to compromise and win Wren’s heart again.

Wonderfully written, great characters and can’t wait for the rest of the books in the series!