Stout continue’s the Lovibond brewery. Stout (Ollie) is the brother of Wren and business partner to Tap. These guys are great – a little rough on the edges but wonderful, sexy guys!!!

With Wren’s help, Stout finally leaves his condo and purchases a house in a nice, family friendly neighborhood. There he meets his lovely neighbor, Adelyn (who happens to be a very lovely redhead). This starts a friendship and they have a shared trust when they both discuss the ugly things that have happened in their past.

Things are going great until something from the past comes back to cause some issues. It’s an issues that causes Adelyn to re-evaluate how she see’s things from her past. After hearing the other side of the story, Adelyn finds that her love for Stout out ways the way she sees her past. She makes the decision to move forward with love and joy.

I love how Georgia handles the tough topics (abuse of child and woman) as well as drunk driving. They are discussed in a supportive and loving way. Thank you for bringing these things to light and covering them with compassion!!!

Next up – Porter which releases 4 Aug 2017. Can’t wait!!!!