Enjoyable quick read with interesting characters. It’s the first book in the Devil’s Riders series.

Devlin is the president of the local MC. He’s hot, sexy with intense green eyes. He falls for Kaylie but she’s too young so he waits for her to grow up. Kaylie works at the local soda shop/cafe and Devlin comes in regularly.

While she finds out who he is, she doesn’t understand why he’s waiting for her. Devlin, with the support of her mother, starts to court her. Kaylie finds herself falling for him but she’s not sure she can handle the life style.

Somethings with local law enforcement happens and Kaylie finds herself the center of attention and this really pushes her limit on what she thinks she can handle. She finds that her love for Devlin and wanting to be with him and the club out way the issues with the law enforcement.

This book ends with Kaylie telling Devlin that yes, she wants to be a part of his life and the club.

The series is continued in Ride with the Devil