Wow – I laughed, cried (ugly cried at that) and absolutely enjoyed this book. Jill and Davis are very interesting characters and ones that you can really fall in love with and relate to.

Sometimes acting becomes real and vice versa. Jill is stuck emotionally due to events in her past and given what we find out towards the end, they are all justified and understandable. I think the story handled the issue in a very careful way as it is a relevant topic with young love and breakup.

As Davis is a jaded director who took a chance and was burnt before, he is careful with how he moves forward with relationships. Again, everyone’s been in his spot before and trusted someone that used them to move to the top. But for once, it’s great to see that he’s willing to toss that all aside and go for it with Jill.

Wonderful look at the process and what it takes to act in theater and sometimes what you have to give up to make it, this book was an exceptional read!

The good friends and family in this book are awesome and tie back to other of Lauren’s books. But like all good books and great writers, some due cause issues as well as the ex’s.

Heart warming story about loss, forgiveness and learning to move on with new love and adventures. Highly recommend this story as well as the others from Lauren.