While I enjoyed this addition to the Brides of Holland Spring series, I felt it moved a little to quickly and some additional details would have made this a more enjoyable read. I ended up going back and reading some of the others to remember the parents that are talked about in this book since it had been a while.

Young love, life long friends makes for a great start and Maddox waiting for Cadence to grow up was heart warming.

While the accident and fall out from it where true, not communicating afterwards would have spared some of the heartache in the book. While I find that Cadence goes after what she wants and rightfully so, I felt Maddox took a wimpy way out I understand him not wanting to make her choose but it was still a dick move.

In the end, all of the truths come out as they should. Maddox and Cadence come out on the other side better once everything is out in the open, not only the accident but all the other good stuff too and we do end up with HEA we were all hoping for.

I would recommend this book, it was a fast read with great characters. I wish I hadn’t had to go back and fill in some of the gaps.