Boy see’s girl, meets girl and falls fast despite his desire not too.

We meet Keen and Maggie on New Year’s Eve, everything clicks and they spend one wild, steamy night under the sheets (very steamy). They agree to meet in two weeks when Keen comes to Cali. This starts some fun, wild, sextexting and they both think they are on the same page as to where this is headed.

Enter Keen’s shitty boss who wants him to commit a crime for him, while doing his job. In the process, said boss tosses his phone in a bucket of water over the issue. Keen quits/gets fired because of this and then goes on a bender in Vegas.

In comes his best friend Cam and his brother Brooklyn (Maggie’s roommate) and the drag his butt out of Vegas and back to Cali. Cam offers him a job but with that job comes working with Maggie. As Keen’s bender didn’t include any communication with anyone, Maggie’s left to assume she was a one-night stand.

She comes to terms with her teaching Keen the ropes at Cam’s direction, since Cam is her boss. She tries to tell Keen it’s over and this is just professional relationship but that doesn’t seem to be where Keen is headed.

While the chemistry is still there, Maggie tries not to act on it until she can’t and comes to terms with the fact that Keen had a life changing issue come up and that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be with her, he just didn’t know what to do given what went down.

Sparks continue to fly, the trip to New York is the turning point but also some major changes happen. Maggie gets sick and well antibiotics don’t mix with birth control. So, while things are going great with Keen and Maggie, she freaks… tells him and then hangs up on him.

Keen then does the most wonderful thing, goes to Maggie and the HEA is in the bag

Interesting characters, sexy/romantic with a little Elvis tossed in the mix and you have an excellent read from Kim. Highly recommend 😊