Sometimes being different is a good thing. We have Ruth that works in a bicycle shop while working towards another degree. Her first one hasn’t yielded a real job yet.

Enter Eric, the extra sexy guy and his friend. He’s gone into the shop to look for a bike as the traffic in the city is nuts and he thinks getting back into cycling would be a good thing. Now add in a bit of his friend, who bets him that he can turn a “Plain Jane” gal into the next “It” girl in the city. We all know that these types of bets always end badly but Eric goes along with it.

Ruth is attracted to Eric and he’s attracted to her in a nerd girl kinda way. So, the bet is made and Eric starts his plan to win Ruth. It doesn’t come easy and as the story gets going, Ruth finds out Eric is mega wealthy and she is struggling for basic stuff.


She decides to follow her heart against her roommate’s concerns and goes for it. There are a lot of bumps along the way. We meet some other a$$hat’s associated with the bike shop (those guys are total tools). To add insult to injury, Eric’s friend goes after Ruth’s co-worker and setups the down fall of Eric. All of this comes to light during a high society gathering and things blowup.

Ruth leaves, Eric’s business starts to go down in flames but not before his friend’s intern spills the beans about the reason for things going as they did. The intern switches sides, helps Eric out with not only the business part of life but also with Ruth.

Ruth forgives him and they go one to have the HEA as does Ruth’s former co-worker who hooks up with the intern and they have a HEA as well.

Some seriously funny parts but also some really sad points about how image plays a part in relationships but does end well.