Bryce, the hot, sexy, billionaire meets the hard working, smart, funny, Kennedy in a bar that Kennedy’s friend Everrett works at. Kennedy doesn’t know that Bryce is rich but suspects it. Bryce makes an offer to Kenned, who is so taken back by it, she flee’s but only after being given his number.

Bryce offer’s to help her out on her financial issues but there is a price associated with it. She can’t have him if she takes the money. Bring in an awful tragedy and Kennedy puts her business needs and those of her staff before her own wants and needs for hot, steamy sex and love.

Forward a couple of months and Kennedy is still feeling the lose of Bryce. She runs into him in the same bar and sparks fly. Bryce takes her away on a whirlwind trip but Kennedy runs from him, his new proposal and Paris. She does tell him to find her after she has her dreams up and running.

Kennedy goes back and turns her business around to be the vision she has. She’s invited Bryce to the opening hoping that he comes back for her… which he does and we get the HEA we all hoped for.

Mix in some parental issues on Kennedy’s part and the story comes together to show that even under the worse cases, strong women can be successful in business and love.