Jackson is a sexy, smart businessman with some yummy ink under that business suit. Jade/Story is a smart, shy business woman who’s on a solo vacation to get her groove back.

They see each other in the lobby upon check in and come to find out they are next door neighbors at the hot. They share adjoining rooms and a balcony. While Jade/Story goes starry eyed when sees Jackson on the balcony, she make a fast retreat when she is so close to him. The way the talk for the first time is so hot but cool it’s not funny. Poor Jackson is being hit on by 3 supermodel type chicks, and he does something so bold to meet Jade/Story, it’s just more than words. They agree to be fake married during their stay and Jade/Story agree’s to use a fake name. Jackson plays along but in truth, that’s his name.

They have a wonderful, sex filled holiday and find they both fall for each other but don’t let each other know. How sad… Time goes on and they both go back to their lives unknown to both that they are to cross path’s again.

Given the family business of both of them, one was brought up hating it and thinks it ruined their life while the other embraces it and becomes a third generation owner/CEO.

Come to find out, Jackson goes by Jay in the business world and is buying out Jade/Story’s parents business to incorporate his and bring his presents to the USA. Once Jade/Story find out after running into him at a convention, she freaks out. Add to this, his is a new neighbor in her apartment complex.

Things are rocky and tense, there is business trouble but Jackson is determined to win Jade/Story over as he loves her and is miserable without her.

Time moves forward and Jade/Story begins to fear that she will miss out on the love of a life time if she doesn’t give into her wants and needs for Jackson.

They come to some agreements about business and move forward with their relationship that ends in an HEA.

Great story about love and how insecurities and your past can play a major part into how you move forward in life. I purposely left out what the business is as it’s a wonderful surprise in the book.