Ace/Andrew is a hot mechanic who has a soft side for the ladies who can’t pay their bills. Michelle is new to town and doesn’t have much to her name as she’s just starting a new job as a public defender.

The initial steamy, sexy encounter that Ace and Michelle have leaves them both thinking of each other for some time. Ace has a run in with a local cop who has a loathing for him (and Ace loathes him back) and Ace get arrested on some false charges. Enter Michelle as his public defender and sparks fly yet again between the two.

Now mix in a little competition between Ace and the local copy, who just happens to live next to Michelle and things get really stressful for Ace and Michelle. While Michelle works on Ace’s case and finds out the charges really are trumped up; Chet the neighbor cop tries his best to work his way into Michelle’s life and heart.

Michelle knows that she lives in a less than great neighborhood but has a security system installed when break ins start to happen. She wonders why the cops aren’t responding but somehow Chet is always there to help out.

Ace tries his best to win Michelle over, but with her lack of social skills and how she sees herself not fitting in, she pushes Ace away when someone from his past start messing around. The gal doesn’t want him per say but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. Ace see’s red and is pissed when this woman causes some serious issues between Ace and Michelle.

Ace and Michelle finally find their way back to each other and Ace finds out about all the break ins she’s been having. Ace adds himself to the alarm contacts as well as works on installing new locks but gets distracted by Michelle. They have a great night together and when Ace leaves for work, there is another break in but this time Chet takes it way to far and Ace comes to the rescue before he can actually doe any physical damage.

While Ace and Michelle do get the HEA they are looking for, it is funny how she does turn down his proposal initially but does leave us with her saying to ask again once they have more time together.

Fast read, good characters with some fun times mixes in with all the steamy, sexiness.