Managed 1: A Rock Star Romance by Clarissa Carlyle

I need some more….

This was a good short read!  Jasper is a famous musician with a large following for his band and they are living the life, or so you think. He is frustrated at having to sing candy pop songs that he didn’t write to please his record company. He also hates all the attention he gets from his female fans. A famous socialite named Tara comes to visit him backstage on night after a concert. They hook up and she exposes him by posting intimate pictures of their night together.  Hailey Finch works for a large PR firm and is hired to restore Jasper’s public image. Jasper is known for being the bad boy of pop music but this is just a front because he is afraid of showing his true self. Jasper takes Hailey around so that she can become familiar with his daily life. She is convinced that the one bad incident from crazed fan Tara should not ruin his career. They interact more and Hailey starts falling for him. Jasper tries to convince Hailey that he is not like the tabloids make him out to be. He goes to prove to her he cares about her but then something (I cannot give it away!) happens.

We have to read the next book to find out!!! I’m hooked!