This is an interesting series and best to read all 5 books together due to the bad guys being in all the books.

This is a series about the Stokeworth Fire Department/Phoenix Unit. It’s made up of a group of 5 fit firefighters who both put out fires and work to help their community no matter what’s needed.

Each book is about one of the guys in the unit. How they help people in need and fall in love along the way. Each guy/gal brings an interesting mix to the group and how they fit and work together over the course of the series.

The love/sex scene’s are mild and this is an easy series to fall in love with. A little disappointed that safe sex wasn’t a topic in the story lines and how a couple of the gals ended up with not only the HEA but also a little more. Most books that I read encourage the safe sex aspect of the relationship.

While all of the guys were cool and great book boyfriend material, I think my favorite guy was Corey Moore (3rd book) as he’s into music.

Good books, well written and very enjoyable.