This is a great series of four books as well as individual books about some of the main characters.

Brooke comes to the US from England for a visit with her best friend Sam, who just happens to work for Vassago Corp… which is where she meets Robert Stone.

Robert is the CEO/Founder/etc of Vassago but also the head of a large “family”. While what the business do now is legal, the heads of the corporation as well as Robert are part of an old family.

Robert is drawn to Brooke as well as Brooke is drawn to Robert but neither knows why or understands the attraction that is so quick it becomes all consuming.

This is the beginning of the story of their love and overcoming both of their pasts. Robert’s is more troubled than Brooke’s but she see’s the good in him and falls hard for him

There are many issues that come up, as it would in a “family” business and how each is handled by those in the family. We meet Travis, Robert’s best friend/brother in all but blood, Ev how has been looking out for both Robert/Travis since they were young as well as all the other players in the family.

I laughed, cried and totally enjoyed this book (and series). Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished all 4 books. It is one series that I can read over and over… I highly recommend this series.

I also met Tracie at a vendor event almost 2 years ago in Vegas. She is a wonderful individual with such a great personality it made reading the series that much more fun.