I love this series of books, they are so hot!!!

This one is about Kai the hot commercial developer and Alex the fantastic chef and caterer.

They seem destine to meet one another whether it’s in the Play Room or just by chance. While the things they get up to in the Play Room are hot, steamy and sexy… the chemistry between the two when they meet in real life is just as hot.

While we have the gal that is inexperienced with the hot rich guy, they do have some interesting issues making it to their HEA. There are several places where I was laughing at how funny the things were but the times where one or both here being an ass were real. I love how Parker and Mia from Dark Room were major players in the book as I love them as a couple (which is an awesome book as well)

I highly recommend this series. This can be read by itself but if you read the other’s first, some of the story content will make more sense.