In this book, we continue with the love story that is Sin and Blue as well as their children. But the focus is the love story of Jamie Breckenridge and Ellison McAllister.

Jamie is Sin’s best friend and cousin while Ellison is Blue’s sister. While Elli doesn’t know anything about The Fellowship and isn’t part of it, it doesn’t stop Jamie from wanting to claim her and be with her but he would rather give her up than not be able to protect her from the world that is The Fellowship.

Jamie and Elli have many things in common, the most important is that they are both part of the medical field and work great together.

Sin and Blue due their best to push them together and Jamie comes up with a way to see if he can protect Elli trying to be sly. It’s actually really funny 🙂

Thing progress between Jamie and Elli and they do fall in love but have the obstacle of The Fellowship to deal with. As with all good mafia stories, we have a nasty kidnapping and it involves Elli and one of Jamie’s sisters. This pushes the war The Fellowship has with rival group. But the outcome isn’t what most would expect. The new leader of the rival group has a proposal to make both group stronger without going to war. Only problem is the proposal involves a couple of arranged marriages.

This leads to Jamie claiming Elli for himself as well as marriage, it also pushes Jamie’s sister to the rival group (which is the next book in the series) and it also involves Sin’s younger brother getting pulled into the mix by being promised the rival leaders only daughter (hopefully this will be it’s only book – please Georgia???).

So as the title of the book states, Jamie goes through Endurance and he and Elli get the HEA.

Can’t wait to see how the series continues to live and grow. Thanks Georgia for the great reads!!!