I’m reviewing the following books in this one post as it’s best if you read them one right after the other so there isn’t a cliff hanger 🙂

Book 1 – The Necessary Sin

In this book, we meet Sinclair Breckenridge, the hot next in line for command of The Fellowship and Blue McAllister, former FBI agent.

Blue was almost killed as a child and is out to avenge her mothers murder. Her adoptive father, who is FBI, teaches her how and after going through training, Blue decides it’s time to go after the killer.

She heads to Scotland to try to make her way into The Fellowship and the best way is to get Sin to fall for her. While working on this, she is also still working to make her way to the killer. While Sin isn’t one for anything more than a quickie, he falls for Blue and things progress quickly. Blue becomes part of The Fellowship and Sin takes an oath to teach her the The Fellowship ways and to protect her.

Add in all the things that go along with a good mafia tell, an uncle who is pissed as he’s being pushed out and all the other fun stuff that goes along with meeting new characters, this is great first book in the series. It end with cliff hanger as to Blue leaving (but I’ll let you read it to see why)

Book 2 – The Next Sin

In this book, Blue is back home in the states with her adaptive father and sister. Harry, the father, is fighting cancer and losing the battle. Little does Blue know, but Sin has tracked her and is following her. He is in love with her and is taking his oath to protect her very seriously.

While Blue’s father’s health is declining, Sin shows up and makes Blue a proposal but not without internal struggles from Blue. She loves Sin dearly and wants to be with him, she isn’t sure she can leave her family behind and also fit into her new life.

We find out in this book that the person Blue has been tracking is not her mothers killer but that leaves her at more of a loss than before. Sin also shows a very selfish side to himself (not surprised), Blue does agree to marry him. With Sin going behind Bue’s back, he does get her father’s blessing and things go great with that.

While we get a HEA on that part of the story, we also have to go through Harry’s death which made me cry ugly tears. Again a small cliff hanger as we move the story back to Scotland

Book 3 – The Last Sin

In the final book, we have all the good stuff that mafia drama’s are written about.

We have kidnappings, beating, family fighting, deaths, hot sexy time with Blue and Sin. But much more, we have a person from the outside that is fully accepted into a new family and she bring a purpose to the woman of The Fellowship (which is great to see) and we also go through what its what it’s like to have issues conceiving and how Sin and Blue deal with that.

At the end, the family issue is resolved (hehe love how that went down), wonderful little babies (won’t give away how many or how they came to be) and Blue’s sister coming to live with them and becoming aware of The Fellowship.

Wonderful series, great/hot sex scenes, very dynamic characters with lots of laughing, crying and good stuff.

Thanks Georgia!!!