Anna James (AJ) is a recently divorced teacher who has some wonderful friends that treat her to a great Jamaican vacation… but it’s to a resort that isn’t something AJ is used to or wants to be involved in. See her friends are swingers and AJ is a one man – on woman kind of gal.

But she agrees to go as she needs to get away. This happens to be the most popular week there so everything is busy but they offer a “sharing” service… share a table with another single person, share your room with another single, etc.

Well she takes up the share a table for dinner option and meets a super sexy guy names Beau. While she is unsure how well this is going to work, she goes with it and has fun. Afterwards, she goes walking and Beau ends up with her. They hit it off even given AJ not being into what is going on at the resort.

Beau offers a proposal to send the week with AJ and she takes the chance and does it. She has hot, steamy, wild sex like she’s never had before and Beau starts to fall for her and move away from his previous lifestyle. During their time together, they knock things off AJ’s buck list and have so much fun. Beau offers to extend the relationship when they return to their normal life. She agrees since they live so close together until the “surprise” she thinks Beau is talking about turns out to be another man in their room. AJ flips out and runs.

Beau doesn’t know what happen and runs after her (sigh… what a guy to run after her). She avoids him at all cost. Time passes, Beau goes back to his old life style until something his sister does/reads sends him back after AJ. As it turns out, AJ has moved on and unbeknownst to Beau, AJ knows he want back to his old life style and she’s now engaged to someone else…. as well as has a child. Yes Beau’s child.

Sparks fly again and things get crazy but at the end of all the new drama, we have a HEA with AJ and Beau with marriage, child and more children.

I found this to be an awesome book that I couldn’t put down. Thanks again for the great read Georgia!!!!