We met the hot Gabe at a club doing what he does with very little clothing (yummy). While Vanessa has come to the club to check out the scene as research for a movie roll. While the first meeting between the two is hot, steamy, sexy… Vanessa’s body guards and Gabe have a little issue and Vanessa takes off.

Vanessa offer’s Gabe a job to replace her body guards since he bested them the night before. He decides to take it as Vanessa doesn’t look at Gabe as someone that was injured in a war zone. She looks at him like a real guy. As part of the new job, Vanessa moves him into her home and he brings his awesome dog Axle.

Things get hot and steamy with Gabe and Vanessa but as usually things come up and issues arise. In the end, they end up together with a great wedding (not going to spoil it for readers – heheh).

I really like how this was written and how it address Gabe’s injury as well as the mental issues that come up. I really glad that Eddie is writing books to address veterans and what they go through coming back and fitting back in to a normal life.

Thanks for the great read!