This is the first book that I’ve read by Tabatha Kiss and I absolutely love it.

This is about a form Seal who starts a bakery (Vincent). He has a daily customer, named Evey, who works at the bar next door.

Vincent is totally taken with Evey, but unfortunately doesn’t say or do anything about it. Evey comes in every day for the same order of coffee and blueberry muffin (even if Vincent saves one for her each day).  Come to find out, Evey is taken with the hot baker but does’t say anything either.

Forward a bit, and Evey and her brother have some issues with the local mob. Vincent can’t stand it and talks with his sister, who just happens to be a cop. This story is awesome for all the parts involved.

Anyway, Vincent steps up to take care of the past debit with the mob for Evey and her brother but that causes other issues… as the mob man wants Evey for himself. This leads to several fights between Vincent and the mob crew. I don’t want to spoil the action so I’ll leave it at this.

In the end, there is hot, steamy sexy time with Vincent and Evey, some kick ass fights and some dead bad guys later with a major HEA to wrap it up.

Again, I can’t say enough good about this book and can’t wait to read the follow up that I will get by joining her email group.