We first meet Alexi and Amanda (Mandy)  in Puck Aholic as they are in the wedding party of Tanner and Diana. They also had a wicked one night stand that has now lead to an unplanned baby.

While Alexi is a force in hockey, he is also a force in his personal life. Mandy is a determined lady and has been looking for Alexi to tell him about this new addition to their lives.

They have a very bumpy road to get to a good place. She’s living in a really bad neighborhood and is only working a temp job. Alexi while he’s a hot, sexy, monster of a hockey player is hiding a damaged past that he isn’t sharing. While Mandy and Alexi grow close and fall in love, Alexi still can’t bring himself to tell her about his history.

But during a normal doc appointment, they find an issue with the baby. The doctor wants to do some more tests to ensure that it isn’t an issue but the tension and stress lead to new problems for the couple. While Alexi’s grandmothers adds fuel to the fire, Mandy has a melt down and other bad things happen (poor thing had an awful day). When all the bad things are done, Alexi shows up with news that their little guy is going to be alright but the damage/trust is broken due to what grandma drops on Mandy.

Alexi goes into a funky and the conversation between him and Saunders is a good heart to heart. Alexi pours his feelings in a letter, which is so sweet to read. He and Mandy work things out and the HEA at the end is so good. I enjoyed this book with all the ups and downs and couldn’t stop reading it.

I hope that there are more books in the “Puck” series as all the characters have been so much fun to read and enjoy.

Thanks for the great books Lili!