We meet Connor, who was a SEAL with Gabe from “The Beauty’s Beast” while he at his home hanging out with another of the team, Ryan. Connor is out of the SEAL’s and has returned home to live his life. Ryan has stopped by to help him with renovation. While out on the town, they meet some lovely lady’s… Connor is instantly taken with a beautify woman named Charlotte at the bar. They end up drinking way to much, end up back at Charlotte’s place where a night of hot, steamy, wild sexy goes down.

The next morning, we find out that there is a bad history between Connor and Charlotte’s brother that she knows nothing about. The seen is a little scary but funny. Connor can’t believe that little “Lottie” has grown up into the hot, sexy woman of his dreams. Charlotte has loved Connor since she was a little gal tagging along behind him and her big brother. But due to the bad blood, things are strained and confusing for her. While she loves Connor and wants to be with him, she doesn’t want to lose the only family she has left with her brother.

Add to the mix the unexpected bundle of joy, and all hell breaks loose. There are some very tense moments and all of the bad blood/history comes out and everyone is miserable. Connor finally has enough and works to get back with Charlotte and hopes that he can repair the damage between him and her brother.

Well, they do work out the issues but only due to an extreme issue that comes up with Charlotte and the baby. Thankfully all is safe but they still have a few more issues to work through.

We get the HEA at the end with a wonderful little family and even big brothers gets his temper in check and finds love as well.

Wonderfully written and I totally enjoyed reading this – thanks Eddie!