While I loved this book, I was a little confused by all the Prologue’s. It took me a few minutes to get that the back store to Jackson needed some time to tell. This was an emotional book that pulled at heart strings from the start.

At first we meet Jackson, who’s seems to be at the end of his rope given all he’s been through. All he wants to do is end everything until he gets a phone call that changes he life. While it’s not cool that he doesn’t know he has a little girl, it does force him to take control of his life for her (Chloe).

As the story progresses, we meet Ella. The wonderful, shy gal who is living a nightmare. Enter “Tinder” and Jackson and Ella meet. They both are attracted to each other and Jackson’s wants more but Ella is guarded and run’s given her current situation. Like a good “Cinderella” story, we have a lost item that Ella goes back for and luckily Jackson found it and comes to the rescue. They have several more moments between them and Ell’s nightmare keeps coming to roost.

Ella finally comes to Jackson, ready to make a clean break from her nightmare of a life. He takes her in and she and Chloe hit it off. Things are going smoothly until her old life comes back and pulls her from Jackson and Chloe. Thank goodness that the issue that comes up to break the happy family apart is something that gets fixed by Ella giving the police the information they need on her former “guardians” and it helps crack a nasty little enterprise that was going on.

We need with a HEA, wedding and some moments that are way to cute (like Chloe yelling “I love you” to her Dad at the wedding reception).

This books started so sad and emotional, I’m glad that it moved in a more positive direction and that therapy was discussed as away for both Jackson and Chloe to move forward in their lives to come to be wonderful characters.

Thank you again Eddie for bringing to life such wonderful characters who think they are damaged beyond repair.