Another great book by S.E. Hall and Hilary Storm!!

One night stands can come back and bit you. This is a lesson learned by quarterback Rush Riggins and Ava Vanderbilt. They were two people highly attracted to each other and find themselves having a hot, sexy, steamy night thinking they would never see each other again.

Forward a few days and the two find that they are linked in a very interesting way. She’s now the owner of the the football team that he plays for. At first, poor Rush freaks out (which he should) and Ava works her hardest to keep the relationship professional. After all she is a female owner of a mostly male dominant industry.

Unfortunately for both of them, the feeling and chemistry is off the charts. Rush keeps pushing, using all his flirty ways to get to her and Ava keeps pushing back against the feeling using the “I can’t get involved with my players” as a reason why.

Add to the fact that Ava’s entire family hates her and she really only has one close friend, she finds it hard to function at times. Add in the issues of all the players trying to get her attention, trying to do what’s right for the team and franchise… the poor girl is at her wits end. But she promised her Grandfather that she would take care of his “baby” and she plans to do it and keep her word.

While she and Rush keep hooking up, she keeps feeling guilty for the feelings she has. Rush on the other hand starts to realize that his feelings are much deeper than just the challenge of getting and keeping her. As he comes to grips with the fact that he likes her and just wants to spend time with her as much as he wants to have his wicked way with her, he decides that she needs a day where she doesn’t have to be “professional”. So he takes her to a college football game to watch his younger brother. He family welcomes her with open arms and they have a blast at the game after some creative thinking on Mom’s part. They also hit the frat party that is totally cool/wild.

After the wild night of partying and sex, she starts to pull away again and tries to end things. But as we all know, love doesn’t follow rules or even what our brains want. In the end, she takes the bull by the horns and goes after what she wants and what makes her happy – damn the press all to help.

We get the HEA that we love and some wonderful, funny, complex characters that you can have the feels for.

Thank for another great book!