Shelter Me is the first in a three book set. We meet Shayne and Luke, who were high school sweethearts and lovers. Due to issues with people tied to the mafia, Luke and his family quickly leave Michigan without time for proper goodbyes. Unbeknownst to Luke, Shayne was pregnant when he left.

Years of heartache and pain later, Shayne returns to Michigan to say a final good by to her Aunt, the lady that raised her. While she’s back, she enjoys catching up with her friends and cousin, Adam. No one told her that Luke and his family are back.When they run into each other, sparks fly but so does all the hurt and pain from the past. They are both hiding big secrets and when they come out, it’s one hell of a time.

While Luke and Shayne work to repair their relationship and get to know each other again, Shayne waits until Lucy is arriving with Adam to tell him about her. Boy do the sparks really fly then and Luke doesn’t handle it well. Forward a couple of days to when they met and it’s love at first sight for both. Luke is a wonderful father and a phenomenal lover.

Things are going swimmingly and the family starts to come together until a couple more bombs go off (I’ll leave those for the readers to find out about). But we make it through those issues. We also meet Shayne’s friends from Texas as well as Luke’s family. Shayne’s cousin, Adam, helps move Shayne’s friend and her daughter up to Michigan. Now all of the gang is together.

Shayne and Luke make it through everything and get married as well as the HEA that is a long time in the making as well as a new addition to the family.

Great book and series, wonderful characters and stories that you can read over and over (I know I have)

In the next book, Rescue Me, we have Adam and Erin (Shayne’s friend) story and the final book in the series is Keep Me in which we get Shelby (Erin’s sister) and Antonio (Luke’s brother) story. All are worth the time to get and enjoy!