In book 5 of this wonderful series, we have the story of Kieran and Westlyn. In book 4, Endurance,  we know that Kieran kidnaps Westlyn and Elli. We only see a bit part of West agreeing to go with Kieran as she doesn’t have any “Fellowship” prospects and doesn’t want Elli to get pulled into something that isn’t for her to be involved in and also keep her safe for Jamie.

What we find out in book 5, Unintended, is that things are what they seems. While we think West is a wild gal that’s had lots of sexy time, she really isn’t. While Kieran is a royal pain, he does have several redeeming qualities.

Their relationship starts out rocky, as expected, but by some miracle feelings start to take hold.There are lots of ups and downs (no spoilers provided here – hehe) and things move along toward a mutual relationship. Only West falls for Kieran but knows that the feelings aren’t the same for him. Enter one really bad event and that’s all it takes to push Kieran over the edge and admit his feelings.

There is lots of steamy, sexy time and it’s just plain HOT. The family dynamic is new to West but she loves being a part of Kieran’s family and they seem to love her. We do find out who Sin’s Mother was in love with so that adds some interesting news to the story line.

Such a well written book/series, I can’t get enough of the characters as they are so cool. Can’t wait for Redemption – Leith and Lorna’s story and I really hope that we get more looks at the Kieran’s brothers as well as Mitch/Shaw’s story.

Thanks for the great read Georgia!!!