In the fourth book of the “True North” series, we finally get Zara’s story.

We already know that Zara and Griff had a relationship in the past and that Zara has beautiful little girl named Nicole. It was also already told that Griff wasn’t Nicole’s daddy but we didn’t know who was.

Well, enter Dave the hot hunky hockey player. After a while summer of fun between Zara and Dave, Dave leaves to go back to his job/life while Zara gets a surprise in Nicole. While Zara did try to look for Dave, she didn’t remember his last name, so she had hoped that he would come back but when that next summer came and went, she was determined to raise her daughter by herself.

Well, best laid plans didn’t work out and two years later Dave walked right back into her life and she dropped the bomb on him about Nicole. Needless to say, he freaked (as expected). He was there for the summer and had feelings for Zara, so he was going to work to see what they had between them.

Things are rough and bumpy but they do reach a good place between the two of them as well as with Nicole. Zara’s busy being the co-owner of the coffee shop/bakery and a mom. Her family, while they love her… they drive her nuts. They have their own opinion of Dave, which isn’t favorable, but he doesn’t care. He’s there to win Zara’s heart and learn to become Nicole’s daddy.

We have several interesting twists and turns, which I won’t spoil. A lot of historical baggage for both Zara and Dave. Once both explain what was there, as well as all the hot/steamy sexy time, they reach a place where they try the long distance relationship with Dave playing hockey and Zara working at the coffee shop/bakery.

They even manage to get a trip together and during this trip (with a sick little one), Dave finally makes the decision on his future with the team and his life with Zara/Nicole. We do end up the HEA.

I really enjoyed this book and need to read the hockey series to get some insight into the guys that were discussed in this book (from the hockey side… not the True North side). I would recommend this series to everyone as the characters are well written and have the feels/funnies from the start.

Thanks for a great read Sarina!