In “Hard Wood” we have Patrick (Evie’s brother) and Mia (Max and Chase are her brothers). They have known each other for time now due to Patrick’s friendship with Max. Patrick is the owner of an adventure/outdoor tour company and Mia owns her own beauty products company.

Patrick has it bad for Mia but doesn’t want to pursue it as Mia lives on the opposite coast and they don’t spend much time together. Also Mia is a workaholic. Patrick does get Mia to take some time out of a busy week (work as well as brothers wedding) and once she unwinds, she and Patrick have a wonderful time.

They find that the attraction is there as well as the spark. They act on it and try to figure out how to make the distance work to their benefit. But and this is a big but… Patrick doesn’t date clients and Mia has just hired his company to do a retreat with hers. And she requested Patrick as the guild.

The retreat is great and the workers enjoy themselves but the sexual tension between Patrick and Mia is high. They head back into the woods once they get everyone back to the start of the retreat to get something that was left behind. Storms hit and they can’t make it back down and end up at a friends cabin. Things get way to hot and heavy and we have the sexy time we have been waiting for (wink wink).

During this time, we find out that Mia is moving her business to the other cost and Patrick is so excited and can’t wait for things between them to move forward. We have family input, friendships that could be in trouble but in the end, we get the HEA with all friendships intact.

It was a great and funny read. I’m glad they got their book as all the others from Lauren; they are all great reads!