In this great story from Lauren Blakely, we have Evie and Dylan; wonderful characters.

They run in the same circle of friends from all the other books. Evie is a  match maker and Dylan is a computer wiz. Dylan writes what he thinks is a straight forward add looking for the woman of his dreams but in reality it’s the worst thing ever. Evie, being in the business of making good matches, about dies when she sees it. As Dylan is the brother of one of her friends and matches, she volunteer’s to help him for free.

What starts out as business quickly turns to attraction between the two. While they both fight it, they start to notice that they have more in common than they think they do. We have a few ups and downs and some insecurity, they find that they like each other. They do have some added help from her brother, his sister and friends.

After the family/friends help (or pushing), they end up getting together and boy do the sparks and sexy times fly. I’m so glad that these two get together and score one for the guy geeks of the world 🙂