Blocked is the next book in the Breakaway Series and it is awesome!!!

In this story, we have Dallas the wild, sexy, cocky goal tender and Callie who just happens to be Justin Davis’s sister (he’s on the team with Dallas). She’s an ER nurse, super cute and sexy… and she can play hockey with the best of them.

We start off with Dallas doing what he does at parties and it get him in some trouble. Callie comes to the rescue with the medical issues at hand. Dallas’s little trouble causes him to miss a couple games and have the coach up his a$$. Coach asked Justin if he’d practice with Dallas, since he has some private rink time scheduled. Bring in the male ego’s and tempers and you have an interesting situation.

Justin’s asks two of his brothers (also hockey players as well as his agents) to play and get’s Callie involved too. Dallas is pissed and lets it get the better of him while Callie plays dirty. Shit hits the fan, Dallas does something stupid and almost most ends up punching Callie, but he doesn’t know that she is a she. The scene is actually funny if taken in the right context and Dallas doesn’t hit her.

So, while Callie at first thinks Dallas is a dick and doesn’t want anything to do with him, Dallas finds himself chasing after her like he’s never done before. Flowers and more flowers don’t seem to be the way in, so he get some help from friends and doesn’t something so cute it’s not funny (won’t spoil it). Callie needless to say still isn’t on board and challenges him to prove he is worth her time as well and the wrath from her brothers.. who don’t like Dallas at all.

It’s a rough start but Callie and Dallas finally make it to a good place and start to make the transition to boyfriend/girlfriend but Dallas’s agent, who is looking out for himself, doesn’t follow Dallas’s direction. Dallas get’s stuck having to follow through with something (again, no spoilers) that puts and end to his relationship with Callie, Justin and Braeden (who we find out is a cousin to Justin/Callie/family) take Callie away to get some much needed space from the issue. Dallas is freaking out and we find out that the agent is a snake in the grass. Dallas goes along with the issue in his own way to win Callie back.

With the grand gesture, Dallas does in fact win her back and we get an such a wonderful HEA that you just can’t help but smile and enjoy the road.

I highly recommend this series if you like hot hockey stars that actually have hearts of gold.

Thanks for the great read L.P. !!!!!

The next book in the series is Playmaker which is Braeden and Lacey’s story and it looks to be hot and wild!! This one is scheduled for release on 27 Feb 2018