Shutout is the 4th book in the “Core Four” series by Stacy Borel. This is Wrigley’s story.

Hadley and Wrigley have been neighbors all their lives. While Wrigley is the hot, popular guy in school, Hadley was the loner, smart kid that had somehow fallen from being friends with everyone to having none.

As childhood friends, Hadley has always been in love/lust/crush with Wrigley. When she first gets the guts to tell him, things don’t go as planned and she withdraws more into herself. As high school progresses, it’s the same story.. just a different time period in life.

Hadley thinks she has it all figured out when she leaves for college only to find out that Wrigley is attending the same school. She does her best to avoid him and not run into him, but that is a total fail.

They have classes together and Wrigley wants them to be best friends. Only problem is she still has major feelings for him and doesn’t know how to act on them. She continues to push him away, still feeling the like the young girls that is rejected, to the high schooler who wasn’t part of the in crowd.

Wrigley keeps pursuing her and she finally decides to take the risk and go for it. While things are progressing nicely, something comes up during the holiday break that causes all kinds of issues in young love.

Thankfully, the issues get worked out and most should have been resolved with just communication. But young love doesn’t always get that part right. We end up with the HEA in sports for Wrigley as well as in love for both.

It was a nice wrap up of the series as we catch up with the other brothers as well.

Highly recommend this series if you like hot alpha guys who are totally into sports 🙂